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Student Directory

Student Directory

Middleton Elementary School 2021-22 Student Directory

FREE – provided by the Middleton PTO


For NEW Middleton Families...
· Please sign up as soon as possible so all can enjoy the benefits of the directory.
· Visit
· Click on “Register Login”
· Scroll down to “Create Account”
· Create your personal account
· After confirming your email, register your information in “Family Information”
· Add your child in “Add Student” and remember to save all updates
· To add additional children, select “I have another Student”
· Select “Yes” to confirm you’d like your information in the Directory and Save
· That’s it! To access the Directory, select Directory from the menu
· Now you can….
· Download the Membership Toolkit app to have access from your phone.
· Update your information anytime
· Filter by grade, teacher or your starred favorites
· Enjoy the directory all year long to connect with other Middleton families

For EXISTING Middleton Families...
· Click into your Membership ToolKit app
· Tap on Family Information
· Update any Parent Information, then tap Next Step
· Update/add students with their new teacher for this school year
· If you have a 6th grader, please remove them
· Tap Save and you're done!
· Enjoy the directory all year long to connect with other Middleton families.
**Please remember: Families submit their information with the intent of only sharing with other participating Middleton Elementary School families. Therefore, this directory and information within it is private and NOT to be shared.